Web pages won't load in IE. Help Please!

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Hi everyone i have a big problem,

Internet explorer cannot download(anything)

internet was not able to download this internet site(any site)

The requested site is either unavilable or connot be found

please try again Laterhttp://img74.photobucket.com/albums/v226/seantheprawn/why.jpg

i really need to fix i dont why its doing it if i download anything it just keeps as file download dontm ove at all
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Please take some time to read our Announcements board and the posting rules. First, we ask members to post meaningful subject lines. Help me doesn't tell viewers anything about what your problem is.

2nd, Your signature file is way too large in file size. We have a 6 KB limit for signatures. Please change it to something smaller to comply with the guidelines.

3rd...Please use the OZZU Search button at the top of the page for your problem (search in the Windows Forum). Or simply just scroll down this page a bit. This problem has been and is being addressed in several threads already.

After you've read a few of those if you don't find a solution, ask any remaining questions in the thread that comes closest to the same problem you have. People would just be repeating advice that has already been given since you have provided very little detail to go on.

We'll be happy to help you, but do this first, please.

//topic locked.

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