weird exchange request-make user can't delete mail

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Hi.. I have this weird request from the management. We have a mailbox account for a user to access via web access. But the management want to make the user cannot delete his mail ?? What can we do on the server site? (system manager)
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This isn't a flame, but if you want good help you really need to supply I little more info otherwise you get less comprehensive answers! Handy info would be: What version of Exchange you are running? OS might be helpful too. Is it just incoming email you need to keep or outgoing too?

Saying that I can think of no way of doing this on any version of Exchange! I was thinking about setting up one account then making this user a delegate of it, but I don't think this will work over OWA? and also when the user replies it will probably say 'sent on behalf of username' which would look messy. As far as I know when a user is an account owner they inherit full rights to the mailbox & theres not much you can do about it!

Couple of ways round this though that *may* work:

1) You can set the Exchange server to not perminantly delete emails for so many days. Then when the user deletes mail from the deleted items they go into a sub store of this and can be retrieved by opening the mailbox, going into the deleted items then clicking 'tools>recover deleted items' (Obviously if you are going into a users mailbox, the user needs to be aware of this and I believe this needs to be in their contract of employment that you will read their email. In most countries failure to inform the employee of this is against the law)

2) The second way I can think of is to forward all mail recieved in this mailbox to another mailbox. This will not stop the user deleting email, but will provide a backup of all mail recieved. What this does not do is save mails the user sends, but you do not say if you need outgoing mail to be kept also? This would probably be the better way of doing it, although the above way would also track sent mail where is this way would not. Same applies as above about reading a users email.

Neither of the above ways stop the user deleting email, but just provide ways of getting the mail back if it has been deleted. Also I cannot give implicit details of how to do it without the Exchange version. The second way above is simple though on all versions of Exchange.

Don't know if anyone else has any other ideas!


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