Win98 + apache - lockup problem

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As a first posting to these forums - hi 2 u all.

I've Win98 / linux rh9 dual boot, which has always gone very well.

Until today when I installed apache (via apache 2.0.49-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi) in the windows partition. (option selected was "run as a service"). I've never touched apache before so its all new to me.

The installation apparently went without a problem but allways locks up at boot:
- the emergency start disk won't work (because its dual boot ?)
- ctrl at "starting windows" won't put windows in safe mode.

The boot gets as far as asking for the user's password (and installs the desktop image) but then hangs before generating any icons or the start menu.

Is there any key combination, or some other trick, that will block the apache server from running at boot and allow me into windows ?

Once into windows I can probably solve the problem but I really don't want to do a re-install of the whole partition !!!
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Try F8 to get to the safe mode options list. Other than that I *believe* that W98 mainly uses autoexec.bat, config.sys & the startup directory to load stuff at startup. Try and get a DOS disk and use that then check those file from in DOS. Try for a good boot disk.

The above stuff is from distant distant memory as I don't think i've even touched a W98 machine in the last couple of years except to format it! So apologies if any of it is wrong! Personally i'd suggest upgrading to W2K or XP ASAP. The world has moved on a great deal since 98 :lol:

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Thanks for the thoughts.

F8 doeesn't have any effect.
What I've done is to alter the bios to force a boot 1st from the A drive; then use the emergency start disk, which runs.
- use restore to get back to the last "good" registry copy.
- delete all the folders containing apache files.

The system is now up and running but without apache.
Although I have no idea why it locked up and don't want to go through this nause again I would like to install a working version of apache. I guess that is a problem for a different forum ?

(for win 98 - "if it works don't play with it" - and win98 works fine. If I liked $soft with all its many versions and security holes and viruses I wouldn't be using linux with the OPERA browser).

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