Windows XP caught in a start up loop

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Someone using my laptop got it full of spywear and viruses. The Norton was not working. I installed SpyBot and it found and fixed 430 problems. I uninstalled Norton (to install AVG) and at the end, it stayed on the final uninstall screen showing the bar all the way at the end for over an hour, so I eventually shut the computer off. When I tried to re-start it, it showed a light blue screen with white letters telling me it was checking the hard drive. At the end it said it was all OK and went on to boot. It goes to the Windows logo black screen, the one that shows before it goes to the blue log on screen, problem is, it never gets to the blue log on screen...after the right amount of time, it goes back to restart...shows me the Ace screen first, then goes on to the Windows dark screen again as though it's going to do something, but it just keeps going round and round. :( I tried F8, but none of the options under F8 work. I tried them all, Safe, Safe with Network, Last good reboot, boot to the prompt doesn't matter...none of them work. When I click on any of the 3 Safe mode options, it shows the drivers list, and then it goes right back to the regular dark Windows screen with the bar going across right below the Windows XP logo. I actually let it loop for awhile to see if maybe once it would click, but nothing. One of my options under F8 is not "restore" or I would try that, although nothing else works there anyway. Can anyone please tell me how I can fix this? I'm trying to get my setup disk from the person that had the computer and try the meantime, I put a Windows XP disk I had here in case it would at least read it and tell me it was the wrong one, but that didn't work at all. :roll: I would sure appreciate any and all help. Thanks in advance. :)

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