Windows XP Runs Out of New Windows?

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Is there any way to fix the fact that windows XP seems to have a limited amount of windows it can draw at one time?

After a couple weeks of uptime, this computer will always stop being able to draw more windows for me. This means that new applications won't open, dialog boxes like "search" in Word stop coming up, error messages won't display, etc. Once I close some windows, things start working again.

More complicated programs seem to use up more windows. Javascript alerts seem to permanently use up some of the drawable windows. If I've been doing some javascript debugging by displaying alerts, it will sometimes get to the point where even two windows are too many, forcing me to reboot before I can open any new applications.

Surely there's some setting I can change or some program I can run to clear out the windows that have been closed? I don't remember this ever being a problem on previous computers; only this one. So, I'm assuming there must some memory setting that is set incorrectly, or something?

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