Windows XP SP2 migration

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So, I migrated to Sp2 yesterday... All of my home systems.

Well, can't really called it a migration, I moved all my data to backup drives and reinstalled Windows that was slipstreamed with Sp1a and all the current hotfixes since August 15th. Then I loaded all of my drivers, and then instaled SP2 from the MSDN disk I got on Friday.

MSDN gave me Windows Xp Sp2 with Advanced Security Technologies, which is almost more annoying and naggier than Norton Internet Security. And, if you install Norton Antivirus after the sp2 install, it won't recognize the a/v and it will complain that your computer is vulnerable. But if you install it before and then add Sp2, it will probably break it.

So its, 6 of 1 and half dozen of the other. And boy, does it nag, and nag and nag. Worse than having Fran Drescher with that voice every 10 secnds going "you really want to do that?" "do your REALLY REALLY want to do that?", "are you absolutely sure?" for absolutely EVERYTHING you do. I turned it all off, it got to be too much, I was about to chuck my 80lb 21" trinitron to a wet grave in the pool 4 stories down.

Anyway, its lunch time. gonna go to the bar...
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Post 3+ Months Ago

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Post 3+ Months Ago

hahahhah i had norton installed before the switch. Norton works still but SP2 bitches about it so you gotta tell windows that *you* will be watching over norton. Yeah the nagging is annoying but once its all off i dont see much of a difference from SP1 - SP2 anyhow what is SP2 supposed to fix anyhow? my friends installed it on his computer today and all hell broke loose, see my thread below.
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SP2 has more updated then just this security center, i have a file some where which i will post it later that has a list of all the new features that it adds
and for this security center i noticed that if you are using Mcafee not Norton it will be working with no problems

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