Windows XP taskbar freezes (again!!!)

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hey everyone, first of all, nice to meet you! I'm new here =)

well, i've been having a heck of a problem with windows xp and 2000 (both professional edition)

What happens is, whenever my computer boots up, get to windows and all looks pretty and working. I can access anything, EXCEPT anything that will connect me to the Internet. When I click on anything that will access my NIC card, the task bar will freeze for a while and will unfreeze itself after one or two minutes, and everything will work fine.

I've read some posts about it, but seemed that no one actually knew the reason for the problem, and their problems usually fixed themselves up (oh how i wish i was that lucky!)

It really can't be not enough RAM (too many programs accessing it at the same time) because I have 1024 MB of RAM (I thought it was that problem when i had 128 but the problem just keeps on happening)

So I disabled my NIC card and rebooted it. Then TADAN! Everything worked fine!

Then I enabled my NIC card back and seems fine.

So the problem was the NIC card. Except that I just bought the computer today, and it really does work well!

I downloaded the latest driver for Realtek 8101 LAN 10/100 but the same outcome happened.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Although it's not really a big deal, I just feel that there should be a smarter way to go around it, instead of keep on enabling and disabling the NIC card...

Thanks in advance for the help, and sorry if this post was too long!!!!

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Post 3+ Months Ago

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Well try going to My Computer>properties>devices tab>device manager and check to see if everything is working fine maybe you have a pci driver that isnt working properly
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I looked and... everything still looks fine...

Maybe I should say that it is a DSL connection? It's not always on, I still have to put my name and password to connect.

The nic card is onboard, so no pci slots, except for my graphics card.

I was looking around, and I found that it has something to do with IP settings... Does anyone know if that's really the case?
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actually... I just got it working!!!!

here's what I did, just in case people are having the same problems...

I'm running Windows XP professional, and the problem has nothing to do with RAM (although, sometimes it is the problem)


access ur connection (either by clicking on the icon on the taskbar or just start>>my connections>>connectionname)

click on 'properties', then 'networking', then select 'Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)' and click 'properties'.

make sure 'obtain an ip address automatically' and 'obtain DNS server address automatically' are checked. I guess it woud work also if u actually had the IP's, i'm not sure.

click on 'advanced'
click on the tab saying 'dns'
make sure the following stuff are checked or selected:

'append primary and connection especific DNS sufixes'
'append parent sufixes of the primary DNS sufix'

'Register this connection address in DNS'
'Use this connection's DNS sufix in DNS registration'

go on WINS tab
make sure u have 'enable NETbios over TCP/IP' selected.

I'm not really sure what makes everything work... I guess it's the one regarding DNS addressing...

anyway, after doing this, my taskbar didn't freeze anymore.

so i guess that solves that problem =)

thanx for the help!

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