Windows 7 Wireless link speed

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I've been having a lot of trouble lately with my wireless on my windows 7 machine. I have a networked server that I store all my web development stuff on and also some backups. I've notice an extreme slow connection lately so I looked at the link speed and its only 1mb, sometimes jumps to 11 but not very offend. I'm using Windows 7 built in wireless manager with a on board b/g wireless card. I'm thinking that it might be running b. Anyone have any problems with windows 7 and wireless connections?
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My wireless speeds seem to be fine,
My guess is that there could either be some sort of interference. Or that your wireless device in your computer needs a driver update.

I would check the driver option first and if it still doesn't help try moving closer to your router, It could be that the wireless device in your computer is weak.

Hope this helps :)

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I've had no issues with Windows 7 wireless. In fact it works far better than any other system I've ever used. My first line of troubleshooting would be to rule out the router. i.e. if possible try a different router (go to a public location that offers free wireless if you can't get an alternative router).

Had exactly this problem once. Even called comcast to the house twice. Wasn't until the second time we discovered it was a bad router. It was doing exactly the same thing.

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