WINXP PRO SP1 - Random Usb disconnect sound HELP!

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen

I have a Weird problem. It's nothing serious - The operating system works fine - But it's very hard on my mind.

I use Windows xp PRO SP1 - on a dell computer. 15 days ago i reformatted it due to being infected with antivirus xp 2008 and having a rootkit.

Reformat was REQUIRED

So anyway, Reformatted well and reinstalled winxp. No problems

This is actually my parents computer i use it sometimes. Everyhting is theirs. it's a small office. Nothing special

Now when this sound occured, my parents printer was connected, it always is' It's an HP. Not doing anything - Since my parents use it - Printer was on. It's been on

Then randomly - DO DO - The device disconnected sound. No idea how it happened. and i've been using the pc for several hours

Ok so 2 days later, I went over and connected my digi cam - I didn't install any cam software, I just connected the usb cable and manually transfer some pictures.

ok so im done and i turned off the cam - usb still connected. but the cam is off - an hour later


WHAT THE HELL?> It's killing me - IT'S SO RANDOM

This pc has windows xp WITH ZONE ALARM - it's not used for anything serious - And my parents don't want me touching it since i "Apparently Fixed it for them"

But how did this occur?

pLEASE, I AM WILLING to follow with all instruction - i just wanna know what it is.

I get PARANOID - and its been bugging me all day at work - i just wanted to come home and post this and get to the bottom of it

I don't have a secret hacker or something spy on us do we? It's bothering me - Becuase 2 years ago i was spied on by a remote admin tool - undetected and he used my rapidshare account and was from canada...So i have some trauma

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WINXP PRO service pack 1

basically just popped in cd - installed windows - Installed the chipset, the display driver, the printer...And thats it

This sound occured Randomly - 2 days apart - With something connected.

First the printer was connected. But the printer was on

Then the Camera...But the camera was off...

Wtf? I think i might have malware or something undetected

Im gonna scan with Dr webs CUREIT

and anti rootkits and etc

This is what happens when you have anxiety...I have a mental condition. Sorry for folks...But if i figured this out - i would feel oh so much better

I will follow through with whatever u want, scanning and posting results.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

First of all, may I ask why you haven't done the Windows updates and updated to SP3.

Service pack 1 is no longer supported by Microsoft.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

My parents would not give me a chance to run the windows update when i installed

They wanted it left alone, and i did

And i quickly installed zone alarm...And was on my way.

That's why the pc is currently using sp1

So that random usb disconnect is probably from using sp1 - Since it's buggy and unsecure and glitchy as hell

To be honest...i can't think what it is...Usually if its a driver or hardware problem...IT WOULD OCCUR CONSTANTLY

Im at a loss. Its bugging me.

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