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Post 3+ Months Ago

I moved address a few months back and set up my computers to receive wireless internet from the router. I've never had any issues with wireless in any of the places i have stayed until now.

I managed to connect with no issues whatsoever, however the internet initially lagged and was incredibly slow on comparison to what i got had the internet been connected directly from the router via wire.

It would occasionally lag in speed for a few days. Speed would drop to very old dial-up sort of speeds where an image loading up on a website would take upwards of 2 minutes (sometimes). Watching videos on YouTube or even browsing Facebook was becoming more of a chore than it needed to be.

Last night i connected to the router control panel via the IP address and came across an option for the first time called "Wireless Station Access List" where it detected my computer, however it was not accepted as being a trusted device. I have since included the computer as being a "trusted Wireless Station" and since that moment the computer has had no issues with the internet and i am receiving the speeds i should be now.

Never have i seen this option before on any router. Most routers i use are NetGear routers (which happens to be the same as this one) and only now have i seen this option. I do wonder if this might be the reason i have been having issues detecting the router signal on my iPhone as well.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

The only thing that I've seen close to that is when MAC filtering is used. There are hits on google if you search for:

trusted Wireless Station

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