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I made a video to promote a new CD we're selling via our site and uploaded it to Google- it says the video is live in the status column but when I try to watch it it's not there.
Also, I read for SEO you should fill in all the details for a vid (right click, properties-title, keywords...etc), but the only boxes that I can type in are the title and comments box? All the others seem to be locked. Is this actually important, and is there a way to change it?
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I have the same question.
I'll wait for the reply. =)
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Videos submitted for inclusion in Google Video must be reviewed and pass our technical requirements and policies in order to become live on Google Video.

If you used the web-based uploader to submit your videos, you will receive a link to your live video instantly, but it may take several days for it to be included in the Google Video search results and become available for download.

If you used the uploader software, you can see which step your video is in during this review process on your Video Status page within your account. Your videos will appear under one of the following tabs:

* Needs Action
* Processing
* Rejected
* Blocked
* Failed
* Live

After you've entered your metadata, your video will be in the "Processing" stage for up to several hours and then will become "Live." If your video fails to meet our technical criteria or policies, your video will appear under the "Rejected" or "Failed" tab. If your video has been rejected, please review our policy guidelines. If your video has failed, please review our technical requirements.

Though your video has been processed, we're unable to provide a specific timeline for when it will go live
. Once your video is live, you can search for it on Google Video at The easiest way to find your video is to search for its title or for any unique elements located in your metadata/transcripts.

The "Description" field is the "metadata" field (i.e. keywords, properties, etc.).
How can I optimize my video information?

Optimizing your video information will help users find your video. Here are some tips on how to optimize your video information:

1. Add a descriptive title to your video.
When users search for a topic on Google Video, they will find your content easier if you include the subject of your video in your title. For example, a video title such as "SS-59 submarine" may work better for a video than simply including "submarine."

2. Provide a clear description of your video.
We recommend that your "metadata" field clearly describes the content of your video, while also highlighting any characteristics that distinguish your content from your competition. The metadata you enter will appear above your video when users play it on Google Video. If your metadata attracts users' attention they will more likely watch the entire video, and visit your website.

Here's an example of good metadata:
"This is a four minute news feature on the nuclear threat and the significance of the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior by French agents in 1985. It features interviews with former New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange, Guardian journalist Paul Brown, and Greenpeace Executive Director Gerd Leipold."

3. Provide a URL for your website.
The link to your website will appear on the right hand side of your video under the "Website" header. If you provide a URL for your website, users interested in your video can visit your site for more information, or purchase your video.

If your video status is "Live" and it is still not accessible you should contact Google.

There is also a video help group where you can ask additional questions

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