Multimedia Standardization for personal files

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I set up a server in my house and I have a lot of drm free media to share within my house, such as my friend's band music, legal fan-sub Anime I downloaded, and a ton of pictures that I thought were awesome or funny. So my idea is this, setting up a list of standards to use for saving these files on my server, which will all be used by my family for personal viewing on either our computers or our plasma screen TV which we have hooked up to our media portal :mrgreen: . Note: I don't mean to have a media manager like iTunes, Winamp, or the like, I just mean the files themselves.

I was thinking for music, have it saved in a folder called by the bands name, sub folder the album, and leave the file name as the title with the file type being mp3 with 192kbs.

For Music Videos, if I ever buy any, I was wondering, should I have them in the folder with the music or should I have them in a separate folder labeled Music Videos and sub-folder with the artist's name? And what file type should I save them in? I was broken between either AVI or MP4 for file size or go for the MKV? Plus idk what video compression to use either.

For Movies I'm torn just like in Music Videos I would have them in a Movies folder, with the title of the movie being the sub folder but should I save Soft-Def videos as a AVI with the subtitle file separate and have HD as MKV or should they both be MKV.

For TV Shows I would have it's folder with a sub folder being the title of the series, then another one for separate seasons if applicable then the file again idk what file type.

For Pictures I think I would separate them into differate folders for the general genre of the picture, then should I separate them folder into sub folders with the general picture dimensions as the folder name, then label the picture in the following format Title - (Artist) or should I just take on the dimension at the end of the filename? And finally I'm not sure what the picture type should be. I will be using these for viewing as well as setting them on my background so should I have them as JPEG or should I go with 24-bit BMP?

I know it's a lot to read but any suggestions or corrections you think is in order would be greatly appreciated.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Save the music the way you described but keep the music video separate. Follow the same idea for the other categories.

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