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I have 2 min. of video on my computer (mpeg)
that is 61,339 KB. It is TOOOO big to upload that
to the internet. So I want to zip it. But the size almost
the same. So some people said I have to convert it to
ram I did! the size is good now. But the there is no
picture any more :shock: .
Only the sound.
What do I have to do. 2 min of video.
61,339 KB!!!! :shock:

Thank You
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Post 3+ Months Ago

What are the pixel dimensions of the video. Typically, 320x240 is a good rule of thumb as the maximum for A/V media distributed over the internet.

What type of mpg codec are you using? For this, I would suggest divx. The quality to size ratio is quite good. I would also suggest (and I hear the groans already ;) ) that you check out MS's wmv format. It's mpg and the encoder is free. The quality to size ratio here is quite good as well. This wouldn't be my first choice as playback isn't optimal. It doesn't shuttle around the timeline very well.

Qucktime/Sorenson is very good too. However, in my experience, amateur users are unable to effectively manage file size and quality and I believe you have to pay for the development tools.

Other things you can try to reduce file size include limiting color palettes, limiting frame rates to 15 fps and using lossy over lossless if there is that option for that codec.

I personally don't care for REAL media. I won't even install their player on any of my machines. I would steer you away from using that format.

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