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Has anybody used shared hosting that support media streaming for video and music storage?
I just want to use simplehelix.com for that. I don't need much storage and think their package plan will be o'k for me.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
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I actually think their package plan is a bit of overkill for your needs ... they offer 5GB of storage space ... and also, what do you mean by "shared hosting" ... ? that seems more like normal hosting to me ... Shared hosting in my opinion is by using something like ImageShack ...
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R_T, shared hosting simply means that your account is hosted on the same machine as other accounts such that you all share the same CPU, memory, etc, as opposed to dedicated hosting/servers, where you pay to be the sole account on a server so that you have 100% of the resources available to you.
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Shared hosting works in most circumstances for most websites. As spork noted, however, you are going to be sharing resources with other websites. The biggest problem with streaming multimedia (and storage) is generally going to be bandwidth use.

For multi-media streaming, you are going to most likely want to look at a dedicated server. Downside it is going to be expensive so you have to evaluate your anticipated revenue, vs. cost of operation. It's also helpful if you have the knowledge to manage your own dedicated server (which is in most instances going to be a linux server) vs. letting the host manage it for you.

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