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Hi, I've just found this quote in a blog from David Pankhurst

Harvey Segal has done something quite fascinating - a viral ebook that’s free, and the affiliate gets 100% of the sales on products; yet everyone wins.

The book is not just free, it’s a good read on the subject of viral products. But it’s the details of his viral plan I found fascinating. The ebook describes how to make money with viral ebooks; in fact, the ebook itself is an example of that viral plan, while also explaining the viral plan, while BEING the viral plan, and so on and on, like some sort of Escher painting…

But to cut to the chase:

The book is a great introduction to viral ebooks in general.
The scheme he talks about in there is powerful - so powerful, I was sending off my payment as I was finishing the ebook.
It also includes a discount at the end for all the goodies; so good I bought them right away
Affiliates get 100% of the sales of those goodies (which are well worth while in themselves).

So get a copy as soon as possible and go shopping.

And keep a watch out - I predict this will be a powerful new way to upsell.

I have to say that I follow the rules and its working very well by now. Try it, click in my signature "Traffic with..." and then you tell me.

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