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Hi :)

Keywords related to the webpage can and should be used in the webpage urls. Use hyphens rather than underscores between the keywords.

This is what one article stated that use hypens rather than underscores, bt a year back or so i read always use _ underscore b/w ur keywords?

whats the right way or both can be done. I have browsed many websites and found both the ways done...... I hope my ques makes sense

Suggestions welcome

Simmi :)
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Some time ago google used to replace hyphens with spaces and just removed underscores.

So a-site-is-here would become a site is here
and a_site_is_here would become asiteishere

I dont think its important now though because google recognise keywords even if they are all one word

So if you searched "a site is here" you would see URL's with asiteishere highlighted as keywords (if it exists).

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