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Hello Masters..

I think it is a bit painful to see your sites on page 10 while people who are putting crap is being displayed on #1

I tried to be more "Genuine" with my SEO but everytime i try to do real SEO, google fails me and it compells us to put crap on the site which has no meaning at all.

Tell me.. how a real site.. suppose "Dating" site can put "Dating Dating Dating" on their page.. and how many times.. I am saying it because those who are putting it again and again.. are on the top and those who writes their HTMl as "Human" they are far more behind them. OR the only sites which has good PR and top positions are those who put their ads on Google Adsense.

Is this a real criteria by Google or any other search engine to judge sites? and if they do so then how can they prevent crap sites to be listed on #1 ..

What you guys say?

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Post 3+ Months Ago

I would say SEO is 95% easy stuff that everyone knows, keyword stuffing and hidden text have a small but limited effect nowadays so there could well be other factors that put the site there - just because it has repetitive keyword in the title/page doesn't mean that is the reason it is above you.

Its the other 5% of really good tricks that make a good SEO and can be the difference beetween no.10 and the top 3.

If you are page 10 then you have a lot more work to be doen without worrying about verging towards black/grey techniques. Also note that a term like dating is like no other on the net and is not worth attempting without a pretty decent budget, normally most keywords/terms are fair game on a limited budget but dating is not one of them.

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