Does meta-keywords really help and how big is the title?

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I was just wondering. Does applying meta-keywords really help? And how about that dang title-text? I've heard it is vital. Was just wondering, because my own blog is without any keywords at all. Would these measure actually help in making in Googable?
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IMHO Meta tags as a whole tend to be out dated. However, we do know that Google's spiders do index them. The question is more over do they really count when people search. IMHO when it comes to keywords the answer is: no they don't count as much as the content on your page. page titles are a different story they seem to count just as much, some times more than the content on the page.

I would never recommend any of my clients not have meta tags, but at the same time understand that its the content on your pages that drives traffic not the meta tags.

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