Good SEO while avoiding spamming

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Hi everyone..

I think it's a very interesting dilemma. In the one hand we try to put as much keywords as we can in the content, make title for the images and also we title links.
In the other hand, we try not to look as spammers (becuase we are simply not) and to avoid BAD points in google.

There is any limit of keywords (in title, image-alts, link-title etc.) or other things we take care of in the preparation for google crawls?

What do u do when in the one hand you make your site ready for crawls, and in the other hand avoid looking like a spammer....

I read alot of articles, but I think it's better to hear the public in this issue.

Thanks in advance,

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Dont just concentrate on density, but prominence also. The higher the dense, the lower the prominence. The trick is to get both high.
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I think you need a balance of it all.
bottomline is that the contents must be readable.

its no use getting everything high and the contents are half as interesting to readers as it could possibly be...

hmmm. good contents site are hard to make.
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There are limits, ratios and methods for avoiding
blacklist points with Google.

Problem is, it's Google's most closely guarded
secret. Imagine what would happen if this
data leaked to the outside world!

I second madmonk on the importance of having
your contents, keywords etc. *balanced*.

And above all, set up as many highly ranked links
to your site as possible.

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