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Hey guys,

I had a keyword for my site. The keyword was Tm goodwin. I wrote and article on this place. It is a waterfowl
hunting area. I was number 3 in serps for a long time and all of the sudden I looked at digital point and it
fell off the charts. My ranking with all of my keywords used to climb every day. Now over the last two months
sometimes I see my words climb a little and sometimes they fall and then climb again. Is this life? The only
thing I did was about a month ago I moved the article link to from my main page to a page 1 deep.
Let me know what you all think?


The link can be found here
http://www.floridafishandhunt.com/artic ... /index.htm
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Could be a freshbot effect, Google likes fresh content and rates it higher than old stuff, after a while other sites ad newer content and your rankings slip.

This used to happen to me until I build up more and stronger links to my site, now its more stable.

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Post 3+ Months Ago

I have abou 35 clients that fall and rise in the positioning daily. But if you are falling off the charts, this is not normal. You should stay in a 10 position range for most of your keywords.

It is common, it is life.

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