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Hello all,

I have 2 websites. I recently signed up to google adsense and others. When signing up i used one of my websites as my url. When i generated the ads i put it in my other website! A friend of mine told me it is alright and he assured me 100%! (can anyone confirm).

The problem is i got someone to click it for me to test it (only once!). Checked reports and nothing! why? they told me they may have something wrong with their internet...eeeh...i replied okaaay! I asked someone else to do it, again nothing! Why? Can anyone help why it isn't working! Could someone else test this for me only once! (more if you want ). :lol:

My site: www(dot)shadystudent(dot)co(dot)uk. : (at the bottom)

And also will it work on puting the ads on another site (see first paragraph)

thanks all. :D
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asking people to click your ads is likely to get you banned from adesense, which is also why google didn't count it as a valid click.

They have very complex methods of detecting this kind of thing. so if someone visits your site for the first time and 1 second later clicks an advert it's likely that this click isn't going to count, And if it happens often enough google may suspend your account though invalid clicks.

also its fine to sign up with one url and put the same ad code in other sites. but make sure whatever site you put the adverts on abides by adsense terms.
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maybe your repor not update click on that time
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Could have been many things. Could have been Google detecting, good have been that you checked your reporting too soon. It is widely know that updates to the click report can be delayed by quite awhile.

Also, your friend is correct. Once you sign up for a url and get approved. You can place your adsense ads on any other URL's you have.

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