Google BackLinks and PR Questions?

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Post 3+ Months Ago

When i put my site up not even a week later over 166 pages were indexed.

1 question i have is this
Google updates there links different than other SE correct?

Other SE i noticed backlinks are added as the sites are spiderd. yahoo and altavista had my backlinks showing within a week, however Google as of today 3 weeks later has yet to show a single 1.

I was told that google update there backlinks every 3 weeks or so.

Now if this is correct.
Google must know within the same time period as the other search engines
when a back-link exists.

Do they just not display them untill this 3 week period when they do a so called "backlink" update?

Also if they do know of and are just not displaying these backlinks yet do they still effect SERP?

Or are these links basicly held dorment not effecting your site position untill they update?

Reason im asking is my site was indexed incredibly fast for google and me site position within the SE are awsome

But what i dont get is that My site still is a PR0 and google still has it with 0 backlinks.

My site is currently sitting in the SE next to really high PR sites..

Question is has google allready calulated its position with my current back-links so when they update it i wont see and improvment or will i ?

I have some high PR7,6,5 and 4 backlinks
so i hope that when its updated it will go up in Serps

With my experience with google this really odd

One final question is if for example there is a PR update going on right now and google has not Updated my Back-links am i outa luck until the next PR update or will they check them before calulating my PR

Anyone have any answers for me ?

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Google shows backlink update every 6-8 weeks. Toolbar Pr update happens every 14-16 weeks. But yes, google is aware of the backlinks you get. It just does not release the data right away. But your SERP is affected without much delay.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Internal updations of backlinks occur very frequently. so just concentrate on getting BL's.

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