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Occasionally I notice in my logs that someone has come to my site via Google's "cached" link rather than the link to the origin server. My hosting people normally assure me the server was up and running. Does anyone know a reason why a user would use the "Cached" other than the site either being down or performing very badly?
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When searching for information in Google, I almost always click on the Cached link for a site rather than the actual link. For a couple of reasons:

Firstly it almost guarantees that I find the information causing the page to appear in those specific search results because it shows me the page as Google spidered it. If the page was down, had been removed or had been updated then I may not find the information by clicking the actual live link.

It also automatically highlights my search terms in page, allowing me to scroll straight to the relevent information. I know this can be done with the Google toolbar but sometimes I find this faster as I don't have to turn on and off highlighting for all pages, and it's useful on computers where Google toolbar is not installed.

I find myself automatically clicking the cached links for most pages I don't recognise, however for certain sites I will click the live link, for example if I can see that the whole page relates to the information I am after rather than just a paragraph.

Also if I am on a cached page and I do not find the information I am after, and it looks like the page may have updated since the cache, such as a recent forum post, I will usually click the link at the top to take me to the 'live' version.

So hope that helps! You don't have to worry, it's probably not a problem with your site!


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