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Post 3+ Months Ago

Nothing is new that the Google acquires companies to enrich our surfing experience and (ultimately) their pockets. An acquisition of Neven Vision leads to face detection technology at Google Image Search. Almost one year passed from this acquisition – let’s evaluate the first fruits of this investment.

Now this new feature allows a user to do some restrictions by other way. Just by adding &imgtype=face at the end of the URL a user will be able to get all kinds of images, but all of them show faces.

Google can detect literally if the image is a picture of for example Paris Hilton or it is just a picture of Paris in France. I am personally careless about this individual and could just put in a query the following: paris-“paris hilton” to see just the images of this lovely city on lot her.

I‘d like you to share about potential image issues facing any search engine.

What we can see at the present moment the only faces and news-related images categories. Other categories are on the way.
How do you feel Google about results that you can see so far? How far can the Google go with that?

How can the Google monetize from this new improvement?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

How can the Google monetize from this new improvement?

Most likely by incorporating it to their Adnetwork and allowing advertisers to bid on queries specific to a media and even embedded within.

Much like the same way Konterra and others are using contextual advertising (and Google is where on this??) to place ads within text not meant for it and thereby monetizing even the most useless content, adnetworks are probably (or should be) looking at video and images for potential revenue streams.

Imagine bids on images or frames within a video, or being able to click on actor's sunglasses that you like in that film, and then being taken to Ray Ban's site. To me it seems a lot more elegant and a lot less cumbersome, albeit a lot more intrusive and subversive, than online PPC search as we have it now.

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