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Is there anybody who can explain the following ?

I have a website based in a country (Germany) containing language specific words and the following META-tags:
<meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="DE">
<meta name="language" content="German">

Looking at the index results on there is a big difference if I choose “pages in German” or “pages from Germany”.
“pages in German” gives me about 50% of the total number of pages where “pages from Germany” shows me all the pages.

I have been fiddling around with the HTML tag and META tag the last 12 months, but the results are the same. About
50% of the pages are shown when using the “pages in German” option.

“pages from Germany” are probably indexed based on the physical location of the website’s server and/or on the extension
of the URL, i.e. .de

“pages in German” should look at the language (HTML/META tags) of the pages, at least that is my idea.

Anyone has an idea why Google’s index shows this gap in results ?
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sorry I cant help, but I have read some were that google penalizes sites which are not hosted on the country that the site is intended for.

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