Google Video Thumbnail next to standard website listing???

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Dear (Google) SEO experts,

I would hereby like to inform if anyone knows the answer to my question how it is possible that my standard company listing in Google is presented as a Google Video result with a thumbnail of a forest.

I happened to own the domain last year however I do not recognize the forest picture and its not hosted on my old domain (

Next to the listing it sais "5 sec" and in the url it sais &oi=video_result which makes me believe it is a Google Video Result.

My first thought aprox. 4 months ago was that it was simply a mistake from Google so I let it be, however, the listing is still as it was aprox. 4 months ago as you can see in Google (NL) when searching for the keyword "internet publishing":


Is this normal? And if so, how is this possible?

Best Regards,
Jan Jaap
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That is strange ... very cool though as it gives you a more visible profile and probably brings in some good hits.

I wanna know how to do that, haha.

Hmmm ...
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I cannot imagine what it would be, Your code doesn't seem to show that much information. My first reaction was to see if there was anything tied into the 'metatags'.

I would't say it was a bad thing as it makes the site more prominent int Google.

Is the video the same one as your homepage, or is it from elsewhere?

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