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What sort of text can you hide?

Right now Im hiding a h1 and a h2 tag. The h1 tags contains my sites title and the h2 tags contains its tag line. The reason Im hidng the text is because I have a Banner image that shows it for me.
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I just asked matt cutts that same exact question! See: http://twitter.com/joehall/status/2107546769 I haven't gotten a response yet.
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You can think of it like this, if you're just showing the same thing differently using an image and not actually hiding anything, you should be fine when a human reviews the page.

Using an image to display headers using an artistic design or font not available on most computers, while keeping the text used in the image and HTML identical -- Not hiding

Using an image to display headers, and adding a bunch of keywords to the HTML that are not in the image -- Hiding
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Yes that is good advice because sometimes there might not be found a fixed and standard formula for maintaining websites unless taking a look at the naturalness of the elements.

If your overall site's features and elements are OK, so a few code plays are not going to cause problems.

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