How does 'meta name="description"' affect my site

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Hi All

I just read somewhere that if you have the same meta name="description" on all your pages, that Google might skip them for having duplicate content. Is that true? If so, should the "description" actually describe exactly what's on each page, or what's on the site as a whole?
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That is just one thing that could add to your site being penalized with duplicate content. I don't think that having the same description throughout the whole site, but having very unique content on every page will do it though. You have to look at it as an overall percentage of similarity.

But...why would you want the same description on each page anyway? This tag is to describe each page on your site, and if each page is unique, the description tag should be as well.
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Yes, the same description meta tag will definitely penalize your site. Especially with Google. Their Alghorithm is very advance so it will pick it up.
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Yes I agree with vetofunk.

And sometimes over optimization is harmful to your site.

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