How to Optimize Your PDF'S

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A lot depends upon how your making the PDF. If the PDF has regions in it that can be edited by the user, the placeholder text you place in the first field will end up being the Title in the SERPs.

For those that Use PDF'S in their Website's Here is a Quick Guide in Order to Quickly Optimize your PDF'S

Open one of your PDF files, click on File > Document Properties > Summary. That will allow you to save a title and other info you want to.

Also, If you're using Acrobat to create your PDFs, or something else that allows you to set the Document Properties, whatever you put in the Title field will show up as the title in Google. Even if there is other text in the pdf file.

And then, If your PDF files are gettting traffic, make sure there is a way for visitors to get from the PDF to the rest of your site. And/or include your contact info within the PDF.

If anybody Else has had any experience with Optimizing PDF'S please Do Let us know!

Any Contribution is Appreciated!
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many people also make a smaller regular web page which highlights the details of the PDFs and make sure that abstract type page gets indexed.

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