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Well, I found out the current person's blog is in MovableType which has cause all sorts of issues. So, I got an export of the MT blogs and imported them into Wordpress very well without any problems. Now, I have an exported wordpress xml which I thought would be easier to import into blogger, but I was obviously wrong. I found an apps hosted site that says it will fix the xml of a wordpress export to go into blogger. It exports an htm file with the xml which I just save as an xml file to upload to blogger. Blogger acts like it's reading the file even displaying some of the blog titles and then just gets stuck at importing blog. Is there something I'm missing here? I've tried just selecting all the xml code and pasting into wordpad cause I thought whitespace could be the problem. If you google this you will probably find the app I used it's been number 1 on all my searches and I've paged and paged to find another one. I initially exported a test blogger post and then tried to mimic that xml but that failed and really made me mad cause it was identical to the export.

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