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I have been helping a friend of mine with some web work. She has been in business for about 5 yrs now. And most if not all of her clients are in the top 20 - 15 if not higher. She uses joomla and dreamweaver for almost all of her sites. So on to my question. A lot of the things I am doing for her are repetitious and could easily be done via php rather than changing every page. For instance her navigation. Whenever a change is made or a page added she manually goes through the entire site and makes the changes. I mentioned that a nav.html file and a php include could make the change sitewide and only need to be made once. She then said that it would be easier but it isnt good for search engines. Is this true? And if it isnt are there any suggestions on how I might try to persuade her without sounding like a 'i know more than you, even though you have your own successful business..' kinda person. It is her business after all and who am I to tell her how to do things different right?

Thanks in advance
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It's not true at all, the search engines don't know or care how the page is produced, only how it is rendered.

As for your other query, don't know I'm afraid. As you said, what with her already having a successful business it's going to be more difficult to convince her of this.

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