maybe it`s time I realise I need some help :) ... so ...

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Hello everybody,

As this category says Google I assume there might be some SEO experts around here... :)

I need some advices please ... take a look at my website but look at it with the SEO eye :)) ...
Problem is that when I started using webceo and added meta tags to my website I kind of ranked higher but one day something happened :) I don`t know what, because my website got thrown in the "pages in romanian" search category ... but my website is not written in romanian and it isn`t hosted in romania either :). On those searches it is ranked as top 10 for more keywords but nobody searches there and in the standard searches I don`t even appear in the first 10 pages :)) ... and I don`t have traffic from google almost at all (1,2 visits per day :)) )... can anybody help me out please with some advice ? ... what should I do to get out of this trash ? ... I mean I would like to get traffic from google for web design related searches ... Problem is I`m a designer and I don`t really get it with this SEO, read so many stuff on the internet and tried so many but it seams they are not working ... or at least not for me :)) ...

Thank you,
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maybe change your language tag to

Code: [ Select ]
<meta content="en-gb" http-equiv="Content-Language" />

i don't know if your current tag works, but i've always been taught to use language abbreviations. i could be wrong and it might not make a difference....

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