Do I need to change a URL if only Capitalisation changes?

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Firstly, I'm posting this in the Google forum as my question directly relates to a separate topic I've raised in there today ( However, if a moderator thinks this is wrong please accept my apologies and move it where you think appropriate.

Anway, Here goes ...

It seems fairly certain that Google only notices keywords in a URL if it is lower case (see above topic).

I have recently been through a certain amount of pain to change URLs to have meaningful names to match keywords (before they were ID based). However, makling them capitalised to assist people reading them seemed like a good idea at the time .....

For example, page '/ShowPage_P188' changed to '/Mojacar_Playa_P188.php'.

Anyway, if I change the pages on my site to remove capitalisation, I'm not sure what more I need to do.

Previously, I modified every old page to do a permanent redirect so that search engines didn't deem this duplication. Plus, anyone linking to the old page wouldn't get page not found errors if I just removed them.

By just changing the capitalisation however, the page should still be found. I'm a little hazy on the workings of Apache, but it you type in you automatically get redirected to Thus, the web server seems to match the similar page and returns the correct one.

So how does this actually work and can I take advantage of it?

Checking the logs, I can't see the lower case URL coming up, just the upper case one. So the web server doesn't seem to be returning a simple redirect page (otherwise I'd surely be seeing both instances). In this case, the browser / crawler would only see the right page and not a redirect - or am I being stupid here?

Also, if the web server is applying some smarts to match the nearest file name, is there a risk that the wrong page could be returned?

I appreciate that this is a bit of a low level questions - and let me know if you need more clarification on my explanation - however any help would be appreciated.

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sorry mate, know not to the answer to your post
normally, I stick to lower cases.
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In my experience most Windows based servers are case insensitive and will return the correct page regardless of capitalization.

On the other hand, I have had some problems with *nix servers that returned page not found errors if the link did not match the file name exactly.

For that reason I usually use lower case for portability.

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