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I have been using the noscript tag to provide a warning to users who have JavaScript disabled or who use script blocking plugins like Noscript on one of the websites I run. The site will not function properly without JavaScript disabled and users may not be able to figure out why it is not working without the warning.

After the latest Google shuffle, I have seen the daily traffic drop to about 1/3 of what it was in the previous months. I have also seen a lot of pages that were ranking #1 or #2 in the SERPS drop out of the results. After doing some investigating in webmaster tools, I noticed that "JavaScript" is listed as #16 in the keywords section. This doesn't make sense because the site has nothing to do with JavaScript and the only place that appears is in the text between the noscript tags.

So, it seems that Google is now including and indexing the content between the noscript tags. I don't believe that this was happening before. The warning I used is three sentences. I'd imagine that having the same three sentences appearing at the top of every single page on the site could have a damaging effect on the SEO.

In light of this, is there any other method to provide a warning to users that they have JavaScript disabled in a way that won't be indexed or read by search engines?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

You could try some css to scramble up the words as Google reads them:

Your bro<span style="display:none">342klj4kl</span>wser does not have ja<span style="display:none">rtemerntm</span>vasc<span style="display:none">fsd432s1df</span>ript enab<span style="display:none">43ds2f1sdf</span>led.

The random letters wont display on the page.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

People aren't saying it's a bad idea to build a website that doesn't function without script because they like hearing themselves talk you know.

I know you don't want to hear this, but your site is designed poorly and the right thing to do is go back and make the site function properly without JS, and have JS add its' own enhancements by itself so there is no need for a no-script area.

If you want to jury-rig it and just end up with a worse problem down the road, you could put together a paragraph or sentence using keywords about the site explaining keyword-specific features that will not work along with a link pointing to the full technical explaination.

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