Pages that were on Google with title / text, now just links

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I'm have a strange problem with my Spanish web directory & community
site ( and would really appreciate some help.

Problem summary
- Google recognises aproximately 5000 pages on the site.
- I noticed recently that a large proportion of the pages were recognised by Google as links, but no longer had the title / text etc.. (and thus no longer showed up on any searches)

What I did initially
At one point it got down to just 400 pages being properly indexed, so I searched around on other forums and e-mailed Google.

Google said that this was due to the pages being dynamically generated. It's true that the pages are generated (and end in a
.php) BUT the pages had been fully captured before AND the pages don't have variable parameters (just, say Thus I don't think it was this.

Advice in posts on forums has seemed hit and miss, as follows ...
- Some said that this just happens comes & goes.
- Some siad that Google would only pick up a certain number of pages depending on how highly rated the site is (but then my page rank hasn't gone down and the pages indexed suddenly started dropping).
- Some said that page redirects could mean a site was penalised and less pages cached.

I did have redirects on the site (this was because pages often get added and deleted, so when someone tried to access a deleted page I redirected them to the home). So I removed these and replaced with pages saying 'sorry no longer exists', a link to the home and the NOINDEX and NOFOLLOW set to let Google know this page should no longer be recognised.

After a few weeks, this seemed to do the trick and the numbers started rising steadily again (2000 out of 5000 properly indexed).

It's still not working
However in the last few days it's taken a turn for the worse again (down to 1500 two days ago and yesterday down to 800) and I can't think why.

If anyone reading this can help, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Post 3+ Months Ago

We have talked about this quite a few times in here. If you do a search or look through this category, you should find your answer.

Short answer - This has happened to many people including me. Be patient, my titles/descriptions were gone for about 2 months and then they came back.

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