Personalized Search messing up SEOers?

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I was AIMing with a friend and had a Google search return I wanted to share with her. I told her the search phrase and told her to "check out the second link." But her second link was different than mine. At first I thought maybe it was because she was in a different geographical region (only about a three hour drive away, but in the next state over). But then I asked her if she was logged in to Google.

She wasn't, she doesn't have GMail. So, I'm wondering if Personalized Search is showing me the sites I "want to see" when I search for things. Even vanity googling, if Google is paying attention, they'll know which site I run (not to mention I set up a Google Sitemap with my account) and seems to be returning me different SERPs than it does to the general public.

This is not good if I do a search and think my site is #1 for a certain keyword, but it only shows that way on my computer because of the Personalized Search.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

Sometimes different people will be querying a different datacenter. So if they are in the process of a data push or algo change you will both see different results from the same search because you are getting the results from different datacenters.

Even querying the same datacenter (by IP) will sometimes yield different results because of googles load balancing.
The IP may be for a datacenter, But if that datacenter is busy google will query a completely different datacenter.

There have been times when i have clicked the search button 4 times and recieved a different set of results every time.

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