Redirects – Are they OK with Google?

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Question for the experts. We have a competitor that has some domain names that are essentially keywords such as But if you type in this domain, you get a quick redirect to their real website. They are not hosting their real website on this other domain, it is just an instant redirect.

Does this help them with Google? Does it hurt them? What purpose is this other website if it is not their real one and only has a redirect?

The reason I ask is that I have several similar domains I would like to do the same thing with but don’t know if there are any negative ramifications.

Thanks for your advice.

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If it's a 301 (Permanent) redirect, then Google is totally fine with it. It won't provide any benefit, but if there was any PR on the redirected domain, that will be credited to the destination domain.
Source: ... b-domains/

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