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So the title sums up my problem pretty well.

My site is
My problem is Google.

I am on the line as to whether I am banned or not. Google has no information about my site ... .com&hl=en

and I have horrible rankings even searching for my domain name (which is also the company name, and the site is highly optimized for the keyword "sliquid")

I have top 10 and even number one ranking for several keywords in MSN and Yahoo.

But google does have some of my pages. Check these links: ... .com&hl=en ... .com&hl=en

That last one, there are only four results. However, the same query on MSN returns 5 pages of backlinks. ... &FORM=MSNH

Now, I know there were a few things initially wrong with the site. I took it over about 2 years ago, and completely trashed the old design and started fresh. After about a year, I learned that the domain was redirecting to my site, and not with a 301.

I removed that domain about a year ago.

Also, you will find a few link farms in the results above that link to me. Actually, there are two link farms. Monsterlinkswap and one other. Both of these link farms were from the original webmaster for this site, and I removed the backlinks to them, as well as used thier online forms and an email to remove my site from their directories. As of yet, they have not responded nor removed my site, and it has been several months.

Other than those two things, I can not find any reason that I am still banned from the google results.

There is a tool that is supposed to check for you if you are banned from google that someone always posts in threads like these, and that tool tells me that I am not banned.

Also, I always see links to Matt Cutts blog about a reinclusion request, with a link to a .py page. That form for requesting reinclusion has not existed for 6 months or more. I ahve sent 2 emails to but only get a autoresponse that says they will not reply to email anymore.

So, after that long story, does anyone have any ideas on what I should do? I cant change domains, because not only is the domain the name of the company, it is also the name of the product, and I am still averaging 120 hits a day or so.

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Post 3+ Months Ago

Using the site command:

This shows that you are not banned as normally it would return 0 results for a banned site, so there is no need for a re-inclusion request.

There is 7 pages that are not supplemental results - so that is likely a reason why you dont return much on keyterms. The problem you should be looking to solve is getting the rest of the site out of supplmental index and into the main index.

This can involve obtaining more links into your site.

Article distribution might be something to consider - writing an article about the product or mentioning the product and linking to a relevant page in the website - not simply the main index page but the appropriate page relevant to the linking text.

The about author section would contain a link to the main page as well.

Other things you can do is:

generate and submit a sitemap to google.

possibly also doing a html sitemap for visitors

submit to more directories

After looking at some of the results pages in google index - maybe a unqiue description for each page could help bring them out of supplemental index.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I have been intending of doing some article distribution, I just havent found a topic relevant to my site that I fell other sites would be willing to post. Maybe something about the effects of glycerine....

I do have a Google XML sitemap, that is verified by Google.
I also have an HTML sitemap, that is linked from most of my main pages.
You can see the link at the bottom of my index page, and on most others that are main pages.

I have submitted to every directory I can find, even the paid ones.
Im in the yahoo directory, microsofts SBD, gimpsy, sitesift, 7seek, best of the web, goguides, wowdirectory, and

I have been trying to get into dmoz for years, but it doesnt look like thats going to happen.

Thanks for the suggestions though, I am going to try to change up my descriptions more than they are and see about distributing an article.
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I got about 88 results ... tnG=Search

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