The article on how to get in to google :

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If you think there is anything wrong or there is mistake with my ideas please let me know so i can corrcet them,

There is lots of people out there on their computers who are looking for the ways to submit their Website's URL to search engines, and of course all of them prepare Google and Yahoo cause they are best, so i help you to prepare your self for submission, but you should something first, the google and yahoo are not about money that you can just pay them or spend some dollars to get it,

Now days search engines works differently, they Optimize your website which means they look through Internet and see how is your visitors rate and the contain, by saying looking through the Internet, i don;t mean there is someone hired over there to see whole these pages,
there is codes and databases that do this job, so for being in Google and so on you need some step to submit your URL:

1. First of all be consider about your page's title, the title should be suit for your page and it's content, for example: you should use "Official website of John Baker: or "The web page of Big Sellers" so when the client search word "John Baker" or "Big Seller" then the search engine would show your URL if you did use next steps as well as this one,

2. second and most important one is about the "meta tags" and the fundamental of your web site codes, as far as search engines optimize your codes, you should make sure to meet all their requirement, one of them is meta tags, try to read this article so you would find some background about them:

3. and now make sure about the text on your "index.HTML" page which is your front page and home, cause for example if you search for something in Google, the result will come up with some summaries of the text on first page, so try to attract the searcher as much as you can with your word,

4. of course there is some submission as well, there is lots of useless and non-visitor search engine in the Internet, so you can take advantage of them and try to make your website's URL enough famous, there would be no visitor on those search engine but when the Google start to optimizing every day, it search everything hence if you are available there, it would consider you as good and useful URL,

So for submission your URL to these search engines, there is lots of ways, but i bought program which led me to submit URL to more than 250 search engine's data base, if you like to submit yours contact me @

It would cost you really cheep, around 15$ for each URL,

5. and now the time for visitor, try to advertise or tell all your friends to see the URL, and so after short time, that's you, on the top of the result of search.....!

Hope this Article helps you,
For any question or problem contact me at
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Agreed with a few things, but you do not need a search engine submission program. All you need to do is get some good links to get you into Google, MSN, and Yahoo, and eventually you will get into the other 247 search engines.
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Go Veto, go Veto.... Yep, Veto has showed me this, one does not have to pay for submission.

Submitting to all the big ones and then patience = success!


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