The Top Twitter Mistakes your SEO Marketers Do

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Online Marketers pay attention. I don’t know who you have been talking to and who has been helping you make it on twitter but if they tell you to do one the things listed below then they don’t understand seo social media marketing, and don’t listen to them.
1. Don’t follow thousands of people that don’t every follow you back on Twitter. Nothing screams out “spammer” more than this. Just add people naturally at a normal pace, with in time you will build a nice amount of followers organically, so don’t rush out and start following 1898 people in one day.
2. Don’t use Auto-Follow back immediately after someone start following you on Twitter. Don’t use Tweet Later. You’re not going to get so many followers over night that you need to use this. Just don’t use anything auto on Twitter, be a real person.
3. Don’t do URL-Stuffing in your bio on twitter. Just put your web site URL where it should be just like everyone else on Twitter. Everyone has a web site. If you give good value on your tweets then people will click and go to your web site.
4. Don’t pitch people your product or service in your bio on Twitter, all that will do is drive people away. Social media is about being social, not going around and pitching everyone.
5. Don’t sell in tweets. You may be asking yourself, what is this guy talking about, isn’t that what they are there for? Flat out the Answer is NO. They are on twitter to build relationships and network with people by providing value, which latter on may lead to a sale indirectly. You can tell people that your product is available not by selling but by giving value.
If I would sum up all these points I would say just act like a normal person as much as you can. Provide value as much as possible. Providing value on your tweets is the best thing to do on all your social marketing profiles in all of your online marketing.
The most successful internet marketing people on Twitter are primarily not doing any of these things. You want to mimic them to help your success in your SEO Online Marketing Efforts.
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