What am I doing wrong?????

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Ok about a month ago I was ranked pretty high on google. Then for no reason my organic listing was dropped. I have alot of links to my site and I have been blowing up the pr and blogs but still no organic listing can some one please help? I am wondering if there is something I left out of my source code. The website looks to be all flash but its not! The background and H1 and H2 headers are all html and I have some html links that are hidden on the home page.
Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here is the link to my site http://www.blackhawkproperty.com
Thanks so much for the input!
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Post 3+ Months Ago


Some things to ponder:

If you had organic listings in the past, there is nothing (critically) wrong with your code. If google found you then, it should find you now. You've probably done something to tick off google. Read below.

Are your organic results gone completely or just devalued, because these represent very different causes.

Have you added a lot of links in a short period of time from unreliable sources (i.e. text-link-ads, crappy directories, spammy sites, adwords sites, link farms)

If you have added a lot of links in the last while, did you vary the anchor text or did each link have exactly the same anchor text?

Did you hire any agencies to get links for you?

Don't "hide" things anywhere on your site - this is suspicious behaviour that google might slap you for.

Your home page title is spammy. You repeat keywords.

Generally, you have to think like this: Google is trying to connect searches with relevant results. If you searched for: "black hawk arizona manufactured homes" which of the following page titles would you want to look at:

a) Black Hawk Arizona Manufactured Homes of Distinction


b) Black Hawk property arizona manufactured homes arizona mobile homes az modular homes

Your meta description on the home page also suffers from the same keyword repeating problem. Choose your keywords carefully and then place them in the proper places (URL, meta desc., title, meta keywords) with discretion. Remember, Google's number 1 job isn't to make money - it's to connect searchers to relevant results. Always keep this top of mind when dealing with SEO.

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