What is a sandbox?

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what is a sandbox?How can we use in Seo......

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A sandbox is a generic expression to describe a development/test environment. Where you can create and test thingys before moving them into a live/production environment.

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In terms of SEO the Google Sandbox refers to a period where Google will not rank you very highly because it does not trust your site.

This basically means the older your site the more trust Google will give you.

This is a result of spam sites that pop up out of nowehere, get some inbound links, throw up loads or crap content and get at the top of SE results. Then 6 months later they would be gone when they got reported.

So the google sandbox is an effort to prevent that from happening.

don't get in the trap of blaming the Google sandbox for having no SE traffic though. A quality site can quickly get ALOT of traffic from search engines if lots and lots of sites start talking about it and linknig to it.

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