Building Quality Links That Count

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Building Quality Links That Count

Ok - well - yada yada yada , we all know that building inbound links to our website is currently the most important part of our marketing efforts, but do we all know about where those links should come from?

Lets go over it a bit and make sure we know...

First of all, every inbound link to your site isn't going to be the best link... People that link to you will generally title that link whatever they want, so don't go crazy trying to contact them to get it changed - just build new ones whenever you can.

You don't want every link to your website to have the same exact title anyway... Keep it mixed up a bit so your site doesn't get flagged as using search engine optimization...

Make sure you build links to your site from websites that have something to do with your website (theamed links)....

Like for example.....
If your building links to a website about sneakers.... You want to gain inbound links from other sites about sneakers as well as sites about clothing, outerwear, shoes, footwear, even some from sportswear or any apparel site.... It doesn't have to be just from sneaker websites.... Anything in the catagory of shoewear will help out dramatically...

Acquire any link possible from sites of authority.... .gov, official organizations with .org, local news sites, or any county state local government links are very very valuable, so get them if you possibly can....

Remember - 10 GOOD links is better than 200 crappy ones....

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