can you help me on this?

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Question 1.
a) What entity owns the domain name
b) Find as much information as you can on this entity.

Question 2.
You must spend $100,000.00 on one of the two online banner advertising campaigns. All other things being equal, except for the pricing model, which campaign will yield better results?

<I>Campaign A:</I> The CPM cost is $5.00 and the click rate on creatives is estimated to be 2%.
<I>Campaign B:</I> You are charged $0.20 CPC.

Question 3.
You are the manager of a social networking website (such as and you must come up with a strategy to fight the following spam problems:

1. Spammers are emailing clients to go visit the spammer’s website
2. Some spammers (who are 99% from Ghana) are using the website’s instant messenger to try and trick members who are currently online, to send them money.
3. Some spammers (who are mostly from Ghana and Nigeria) are purchasing additional services on the website using stolen credit card numbers (cards belonging to people in the USA). This results and charge-backs and thus a solution is needed to eliminate or minimize this problem.
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I'm not going to do all your homework for you but the whois information for question 1 is below. The owner of the site, Jaakko Koponen, also goes by T Jaakko, is a personal trainer from Pornainen, Finland and may have a Canadian residence also. He likes to play golf as well.
There is his photo.

telefon: 010 362 7703 och 050 550 8094
telefax: 010 362 7707

That's just one of many email addresses.

The answer to question 3 is block IPs and ports on the router.

You'll have to do your own calculations for question 2 and search for more info on question 1 if you want more info.

Koponen, Jaakko
1405 Transcanada #244
Dorval, Quebec H9P2V9


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Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Koponen, Jaakko
1405 Transcanada #244
Dorval, Quebec H9P2V9

Record expires on 22-Jan-2010.
Record created on 23-Jan-1998.
Database last updated on 13-Mar-2008 09:30:16 EDT.

Domain servers in listed order:



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