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Hi guys,

My developer has used <div class="p-name">Text</div> instead of H1 tags. Is is worth while for SEO or need to change all the tags?
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Post 3+ Months Ago

If the developer actually used the <div> element in place of <h1> then yes, you need to get them switched out. It shouldn't be too tough to swap out all of the elements via find/replace and then applying the CSS used to style the <div> elements to the <h1> element instead.

The <div> element has no semantic meaning at all, whereas the <h1> element tells anything reading the page that the surrounded text describes the main topic of the page.

Imagine a cereal box. Using a <div> instead of an <h1> would be like placing the name of the cereal on the bottom of the box in big bold letters.

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