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Post 3+ Months Ago

Couple of DMOZ questions ...

I believe I found the right category for my freelance writing site and it says at the bottom of the page "Volunteer to edit this category" ... so I'm wondering ... does that mean that I will not get in until there is an editor for that category?

I am also re-doing my site and I don't really want to submit it until I have my site complete with articles and resource materials because right now it's pretty much set up to bring in new subscribers and for my current subscribers to view archived newsletters and it's all password protected.

So, should I wait until my site is complete?

And ... can you volunteer for your own category? How much work is involved in being an editor? What does it take to get listed?

Sorry for all of the questions and I really appreciate all of your help so far! *SmiLes* Suzanne
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Post 3+ Months Ago problem.

"Volunteer to edit this category" doesn't mean no one is there to edit, just means there is no one specifically for that category. An editor could be listed in a higher up category and still have access to this one as well. What you need to look at is when the last time that category was updated. If it is recently, you have a good chance of getting in sooner.

As for re-doing your site, do not submit your site if everything is not finished. If they find any broken links or do not think it has enough content they will deny the best thing to do is finish it up.

You can volunteer to edit a category, but doing it because you want your site listed will not get it approved. You really need to show interest in that area and show them that you are interested in adding great sites to the category, not just adding yours and leaving. That is why most people volunteer and why most people are denied.

Hope this helps!

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