Don't use this 10 step in Serch Engine

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The NUMBER 1 Search Engine Mistake people make is...

'Targeting the WRONG keywords.'

The vast majority of people don't give any thought to the
keywords they want their site to come up under until AFTER
the site is already built and online!

That's like trying to decide where you want the windows,
doors, power outlets and telephone jacks in your new house
AFTER the walls have been up and bricked in for 6 months!

It won't work!

You have to KNOW - not guess - which keywords people will
use to find you in the Search Engines and Yahoo!... even
before you even pick your domain name!

Do you know anyone who did this?

They thought up a cool domain name... then they thought up
a cool business that would make them rich...they put up a
site that cost a lot of time and money...THEN they put words
in their 'keywords' tag the terms they HOPED the Search
Engines would find them under...then they wondered after 3
weeks why they weren't getting any orders!

Two months later they think the Internet stinks and it won't
work for their business!

Where did people come up with their keywords anyway?

Most people just pull them out of thin air... they say to
themselves, 'These are the words I would search for... I'll
use these.'

GUESS WHAT... your customers don't care what YOU would
search for... they care about what THEY'RE searching for!

Give them what they actually want... not what you 'think'
they want!

Want to learn how to choose the 'right' keywords so you
don't spend the next 2 years chasing Search Engines
placement for keywords nobody but you cares about?

Here's how you do it. You have two (2) options:

HARD way -
Go ask 100 people if they were looking for what you sell
online, what keywords would they put into a Search Engine in
order to find your products and services.

Then take that list, remove all the duplicates, go to the
Search Engines and see how many sites are promoting for
those keywords. The more crowded the competition... the more
popular and important the keywords.

This process can take anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks
depending on how busy you are.

EASY way -
We'll show you how the pro's can instantly see the most
popular and important keyword phrases for their sites and
then research for related phrases they never would have
thought of... because they aren't their customers!

Then we'll show you how to rank the most important keywords
by clicking one button... and you'll know EXACTLY which
keywords will make you money... and which ones aren't even
worth writing down!

This process takes about 30 minutes total and can completely
change your life!

I guarantee that the keyword terms you're going after now
probably aren't the best ones... and even if they
are...there are a lot more you probably haven't thought of
that could be making you money right now!

We've had clients who just change this one part of their
promotion and more than doubled (200% increase) their
business... almost overnight!

Here's why 'What USED TO work' can now get you BANNED FOR
LIFE with the Search Engines & Direcrtories

Many so-called 'experts' tell you what USED TO WORK in
search engine promotion.

They'll tell you all about keyword stuffing...

and hidden text...

and mirror sites...

and template pages...

and stealing code...

and fast meta refresh page redirects...

and a whole bunch of other stuff that DOESN'T WORK anymore!

It's like these guys bought somebody else's 3 or 4 year old
book and just re-wrote it.

The problem is... you don't know that it is old information.
You take them at their word and do what they say... and it's
YOUR domain that gets BANNED FOR LIFE!

The person that sold you the book made money... what do
they care!

Which leads me to...

The NUMBER 2 Search Engine Mistake people make is...

'Using 'Mirror' sites.'

A popular technique that USED TO WORK for achieving better
positions in the Search Engines involved publishing your
website in several places on the web and submitting all the
pages to the Search Engines.

You USED TO be able to get some pretty good placements using
this technique...

and you USED TO be able to drive a lot of traffic by making
it look like you had 4, 5, 6 sites on the web... even though
you really only had one!


The major Search Engines now have 'duplicate content'
FILTERS that defeat this technique. It doesn't work
effectively anymore with the major Search Engines... hear
me on this!

Doing this will get your domains BANNED... or at a minimum
will get all or most of your pages penalized or dropped from
a Search Engine's database.

A similar strategy to 'mirror sites' is our number 3 No-No

The NUMBER 3 Search Engine Mistake People make is...

'Using the same page or 'template' repeatedly.'

Similar to posting mirror sites, using the same page over
and over no longer rates as an effective Search Engine
promotion technique.

It USED TO be that you could find a page that ranked well,
search and replace the keywords, and submit it as a new

but unfortunately the Search Engines are getting wise to
this too! This technique might work occasionally, but most
of the time it is a complete WASTE OF TIME.

One of the biggest reasons this technique doesn't work
anymore is the 'cheap' automatic page generation programs
that churn out 5,000 bridge pages an hour...those pages have
crowded the Search Engines with low-grade content and now
the Search Engines are FIGHTING BACK!

Search Engines have learned to recognize those cheesy bridge
pages and RARELY do they rank at all... let alone get good

Here are two 'Red Flags' the Search Engines just won't
tolerate like they used to... and if you really abuse
them... they'll BAN your site!

The reason these two red flags are so stupid is that anyone
can completely avoid them. The only way you can make these
mistakes is if you DO THEM ON PURPOSE!

Get the tool that can guide you on how to promote your site
to the Search Engines and Directories in simple, easy
techniques that ANYONE can do.

The NUMBER 4 Search Engine Mistake people make is...

'Endlessly repeating keywords.'

Often referred to as 'keyword stuffing' or 'keyword loading'
this technique of repeating keywords in various parts of a
web page annoys the Search Engines and rarely results in
even mediocre placement.

Be honest... it is easy to spot the 'keyword' stuffing in
the paragraph below?

Keyword, keyword, keyword, Keyword, keyword, keyword,
Keyword, keyword, keyword, Keyword, keyword, keyword,
Keyword, keyword, keyword, Keyword, keyword, keyword,
Keyword, keyword, keyword,Keyword, keyword, keyword,
Keyword, keyword, keyword, Keyword, keyword, keyword,
Keyword, keyword, keyword, Keyword, keyword, keyword,
Keyword, keyword, keyword, Keyword, keyword, keyword,
Keyword, keyword, keyword, Keyword, keyword, keyword,
Keyword, keyword, keyword,

Isn't that a little obvious? No kidding... It's REAL

Sure this technique worked 5 YEARS AGO... it might have even
worked 1 year ago... but it doesn't work really well

Plus... outrageous abuse of this technique can get all of
your pages dropped and even get your domain BANNED FOR LIFE!

What blows my mind is that people seem to forget this FACT:
The Search Engines are COMPUTERS!

It's really easy for Search Engines to SPOT ABUSE and
worthless pages! All they have to do is see the pattern and
they can and WILL SLAM YOUR PAGES into the trash bin!

Knowing that a Search Engine's computer can spot problems,
abuses in your pages brings me to the next mistake...

The NUMBER 5 Search Engine Mistake people make is...

'Stealing other people's code.'

Many so called 'experts' tell you to go to the Search
Engines, find a page that ranks well and take their code
straight out of the html source code. They tell you to post
the page to your website and submit the page to the Search

What they don't tell you that the Search Engine duplicate
content filters will definately catch you - and SLAM or BAN

Don't do it... even if you were successful in the past...
don't you think the other guys are going to get a little
UPSET when they see you've taken their code?

Don't you think they'll probably make trouble for you?

You don't want trouble... you WANT TO MAKE MONEY!

You make money with MORE VISITORS!

You need more TRAFFIC!

Here are the two mistakes that will WASTE more of your
PRECIOUS TIME than anything else!

FACT: Time is the only thing you have online!

Your time and your money (which only buys you time to a
certain degree) are all that matters as far as accomplishing
your goals online.

Even if you operate a non-profit site... you can only reach
your goals by using your time effectively!

Wasted time = wasted money = FAILURE

'These guys brought the world to my front door. In one sale
to Peru I covered the cost of my entire website for TWO
- United Electric Supply

Click Here

The number one time waster in Search Engine promotion is

The NUMBER 6 Search Engine Mistake people make...

'Treating all Search Engines the same.'

Each Search Engine has its own rules... and those rules
change frequently.

What works for one Search Engine won't always work for

Making all of your pages the same way will only help you on
certain Search Engines and not others.

You must create pages to meet each Search Engine's
criteria... because they sure as heck aren't going to change
their criteria to meet your pages!

I know this sounds stupid... but if you make all your pages
the same way...that is exactly what you are doing -
expecting the search engines to change just to suit you!

Speaking of treating all Search Engines the same, this
brings me to the next mistake!

The NUMBER 7 Search Engine Mistake people make...

'Treating Yahoo! like a Search Engine.'

Hear me clearly on this one - Yahoo! is NOT a search engine!

Yahoo! is a DIRECTORY with its own extremely UNIQUE rules
with live human beings (editors) making the decisions about
where, when, how, and IF your site comes up in a search!
It always cracks me up to see Search Engine submission tools
out there claiming they submit to Yahoo!. What a joke...

The only reason you would automate the Yahoo! submission
process is if you DIDN'T WANT to get your site accepted! If
all you wanted to do was get REJECTED from Yahoo!, then an
automated submission program is the key!

Great placement in Yahoo! is one of the hardest things to
get on the Internet... it is also one of the most valuable
things any online marketer can achieve for generating
qualified traffic because as much as 50% of ALL SERACH
TRAFFIC comes through Yahoo!

Here are the three mistakes that will take any good
positions you DO have in the Search Engines and drive them
down the drain in an instant!

The NUMBER 8 Search Engine Mistake people make...

'Using most automatic submission tools.'

Any program that submits fifty web pages in two minutes
alerts the Search Engines to a possible 'spam' submission of
low-grade 'bridge' pages.

They figure anyone who is submitting that many pages has to
be submitting what they consider 'junk' pages.

Result for you - at best it means poor positions IF the
Search Engines even accept your pages at all!

You must learn the two PROVEN methods for submitting your
pages quickly and easily to the Search Engines... without
getting flagged as a spammer!

The NUMBER 9 Search Engine Mistake people make...

'Promoting using free web space.'

Search Engines know that very little valuable or unique
content comes from virtual malls or free web space such as

People who either cannot or will not create a unique web
presence use these sites for junk pages that clutter up the
Search Engines.

Search Engines routinely block content from these sites...
and even if they do allow it they usually don't rank it very

Don't waste your time!

The NUMBER 10 Search Engine Mistake people make...

'Not seeing every page on the website as a possible entry

Every page on your website can potentially draw visitors
from the Search Engines.

Every page on your site should contain the necessary
'Search Engine friendly' elements.

That means proper keywords, text structure, titles,
headlines, etc.!

Every page can make you money... or lose the sale!

A quick note from the Search Engine Tutorial Team:

This report represents just a small summary of the mistakes
people make promoting to the Search Engines and Directories.

With consequences ranging from weeks of WASTED EFFORT to
having you domain BANNED FOR LIFE from the Search
Engines...take the time to educate yourself on the proper
methods of site promotion.

Get the tool that shows you exactly how to get HIGH
VISIBILITY placements in the Search Engines & Directories in
simple easy to apply methods ANYONE can achieve.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

i_am_dhaval - did you actually write this post, or copy it from somewhere else? If you
copied it, we'll need to edit it and give credit and a link to where you it came from.
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Post 3+ Months Ago

UNFLUX wrote:
i_am_dhaval - did you actually write this post, or copy it from somewhere else? If you
copied it, we'll need to edit it and give credit and a link to where you it came from.
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No offence but I don't think he could write english that well :wink:
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omg this is pure advertisement for that stupid product, you don't learn ANYthing fromt his text :|
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Post 3+ Months Ago

I read like 1 sentence, all I know is, his telling people how to search..

all I can say is.. you dont need to pay to help yourself on search engines..

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