getting a lot of foriegn visits but not uk visits

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Can anyone help me ive got a website im getting a lot of traffic from all over the world but our main business is in the uk. If i go on google uk (for example) my site cant been seen but its higher up everywere else in the world ! does this make sense to anyone? If so how can i improve the visits for uk visitors?
many thanks
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Using keywords such as UK and United Kingdom will help, especially when someone searches for "something uk". I personally tend to avoid websites that don't end with for UK sites (except very big online shops) or don't indicate that they are UK on the front page. Looking at your front page, I don't see any mention of where you are based in the UK i.e. no address, no phone number, even though they are visible on the contact us page.

On a different note, there are a couple of design changes that I can suggest for your page. I find uppercase text very hard to read (as do many of the population), so changing that to mixed case (e.g. Bird Cages v.s. BIRD CAGES) would help. Categorising the links on the left hand side of the page by animal would help readability too. Those changes would make the site a little more accessible, and improve the amount of time that visitors stay on the site.


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