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hey all. my website is done using frames and i am wondering what to do about meta tags. i don't want search engines to link people to pages on my site that don't contain the menu bar, which is on it's own page. is there a way to make sure that the search engines lead only to the index page or main page that contains all the different pages in frames? also, should each and every page have it's own meta tags based on the content of that page, or should there only be meta tags on the main page? i don't have a search option on my site because there isn't enough different product to warrant it. thanks for any advice!
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Create a robot.txt page. That should work, but even better...dont use frames.
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I have used a frame enforcer in JS that redirects you to the homepage and you have to inlcude it on all your pages and it can increase bandwidth if its an issue:

Code: [ Select ]
if (top == self) window.location.replace("/");
  1. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
  2. <!--
  3. if (top == self) window.location.replace("/");
  4. -->
  5. </script>

But it does not solve the problem and you cant save pages to favorites etc. The bottom line is if you have a content or shop (not a snazzy portfolio where frames is ok) YOU DONT NEED TO USE COMPEX FRAMES!

Most free webhosts and ALL paid for web hosting you can use PHP and so you can use simple server side includes. These are easyer to set up than frames and link to your navigation bar in a seprate file so if you add a new feature you can add it to your menu without changing every dam page (same goes for header, footer or banner!)

You sample.php page will have this code where you want your navigation included from one navigation HTML page:

Code: [ Select ]

.... <tr><td>




  1. .... <tr><td>
  2. <?php
  3. include("/includes/menu.htm")
  4. ?>
  5. </td></tr>
  6. <tr><td>
  7. <?php
  8. include("/includes/header.htm")
  9. ?>
  10. </td></tr>...

Now you do 1 page called menu.htm (or any extention it dont matter) and stick your menu html in there.

You also create 1 page for your header and do the same.

Also you can do banners in a inlcude where you change 1 file to update all your page!!!! and also the footer and anything you want really!!!!

Piss easy and it much better than frames :D

(You can do this with any server side code)

Try never to duplicate code and keep you fonts and sizes in a sperate .css and JavaScript in .js file.
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i'll mess with that and see what i can do. frames are starting to piss me off anyway! much appreciated my friend.
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1st off... frames = bad.

simple soultion is to add a javascript that check for a variable that's only set in the frame parent page. if it's there, your page is in the frame.. if not... redirect to the frame page.

do this first thing on the page (not in an onload event)... put the script in an external js file, put that in a separate directory, use robot.txt file correctly...

If the sub page is an actual content page I would not consider this a *bad/spamming redirect* even though the subpages are picking up some pagerank. Don't do anything devious like making a spider only version of a page that does this or you will be spamming.

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