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Please help me try and figure out what I am doing wrong or what I need to do right. I have a number of queries so even if you can help with some that would be great. Firstly my website is and has a PR4 rating.

(1) I am currently upgrading but even though I have been up on the web for over a year I still haven't been able to list in the top 10 ratings. In fact when last I did a google check I wasn't even in the top 100 and I am really at a point of pure frustration. I have read articles to try and solve this problem but to no avail. Everything I've read and everyone I've spoken to keeps telling me it has to do with metatags however if I use the following metatag analyzer it tells me my metatags are 100%, and this is where it gets confusing because if I do tests on those websites that are in the top 10 they don't have the 100% rating I have. So from what I can see its not just a simple thing as metatags.

(2) The program I use generates an html page and an htm page for the index page. All other pages are just htm. Someone once commented that having two index pages could cause problems. Would that affect search engines and if so which would be the better to have.

(3) I update my website almost daily and have been told that the following metatags are useless and that search engines ignore them. Is this correct?

<meta name="revisit-after" content="2 days">
<meta name="robots" content="all">
<meta name="robots" content="index,follow">

I know that backlinks are important so I am trying to work on that as well as more site content which increases your PR rating.

I also know I could pay someone to get me in the top ratings but I don't want to go that route as I want to learn myself. I also do two other websites so I really need to learn to do this. While my website relates to Southern & Eastern Africa I particularly want to get in the top 10 search results with the keywords South Africa Accommodation. I know there are a lot of results for this but if others can get in the top 10 why can't I.

I really would appreciate any help you can give.
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I read your query.
To get top ranking you made every possible which u know.

1 Now you create one nice article for your site and submit it on different article (Blog) sites.

2 Then you register your site on forums and keep posting on webmaster forums.

by this you can definitely get results soon and good.
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yes you can submit your site on forums and create one article and submit it on article site

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